Diễn Viên Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza Gomez has been named most popular pornstar in the world on multiple occasions, and with her banging body and smoking good looks it's easy to understand why. Growing up in Colombia, Esperanza would play beauty queens with her sisters, even though her household was so strict they had to shower in bathing suits. When Esperanza found a porn mag under her brother's bed while doing her chores, she wanted to be a beautiful model herself. Though her career was halted for a time while she returned to Colombia to learn English, the cameras couldn't stay away from Esperanza's big enhanced tits and bubble butt. Supported by her husband, this glamor model gone bad made the leap to adult entertainment and a star was born. These days Esperanza has achieved her beauty queen dreams, and with her tanned skin, dark nipples, and love for cock, she doesn't need a crown or a sash to be handed prizes, adoration, and hard dick worldwide.

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